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       Yangzhou Huatie Electromechanical group Co., Ltd., founded in 2002, is a national high-tech enterprise, the project undertaker of torch plan, and a designated manufacturer of relevant parts of the State Railway Administration and CRRC. The company is located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province. In the 20-year development process, it has always maintained its core competitiveness in the field of railway locomotive and vehicle accessories and active lightning protection. The main products are: dual flow active lightning protection products; Lightning warning products; High speed railway and motor car parts; ADI energy-saving and environment-friendly cylinder liner for railway locomotive engine; Aube series bushings for various railway models; Domestic and foreign freight car combined wedge and locomotive wear-resistant parts and other products. It is a complex enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and solutions.

        The company has sufficient technical reserves, intelligent manufacturing production lines and testing equipment. The team has a solid technical foundation and strong innovation ability. It has established Jiangsu new high wear-resistant ADI material engineering technology research center, Jiangsu enterprise academician workstation, Jiangsu postgraduate workstation, and new dual flow active Lightning Protection R & D center. It has undertaken many projects of the Ministry of railways, the provincial economic and Information Commission and the Municipal Science and technology plan. The company has a number of national invention patents and utility model patents, participated in drafting a number of group standards, industrial standards and local standards, has lightning protection design qualification and construction qualification, and its product technology is leading at home and abroad. Among them, the dual flow active lightning protection system, which is mainly researched and developed, is exclusively researched and manufactured at home and abroad. It adopts advanced dual flow active lightning protection technology, fills the defects of traditional lightning protection facilities in field application, and effectively solves the problems such as the design and construction of lightning protection system are limited by the terrain and environmental conditions, the lightning protection ground wire is difficult to make, the grounding resistance is difficult to meet the standard, and the ground wire has large reverse pressure. It is a leap forward reform of modern lightning protection technology. The products are widely used in aviation, railway, military industry, petrochemical, new energy, communication, power and other industries. After many years of field application in many industries, the lightning protection effect is good and is trusted by users.

       Based on honest cooperation, the principle of mutual benefit and the purpose of high-quality service, we sincerely hope to realize value sharing with domestic and foreign partners and the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and build a development community. The group adopts innovative dual flow active lightning protection technology and is committed to building a high-tech brand in the industry. With the theme of technology empowerment, innovation leadership and green development, it strives to be an innovator, innovator, pioneer and promoter in the lightning protection field. Provide reliable and stable lightning protection security for users at home and abroad in various fields, and escort the happy life of mankind, safe production and economic development!